Thursday, January 29, 2009

No money, Honey!

w: I love that dress! Can I buy it?
h: Its too costly. Why do you want it anyways?
w: Ooh... I am feeling like Italian today... please, lets go out.
h: Not today, Sweetie. How about spaghetti?
w: US these hols?
h: Exchange rate is not favorable right now
w: How about going to Shimla for the weekend?
h: Wait till next week, they will reduce airfare
w: New Al Pacino movie is releasing
h: Cash crunch dear! Will go once I get my salary
w: Call me in the night, when you are free, after your tour. K?
h: Dear, I have very little talk time left. I will call... (hello...shit!)
w: You got me a b'day gift? Are you out of your mind?

h: Umm... I thought I had told you no enough number of times..and its your b'day after all.

Its recession!!


Serendipity said...

Aww!! so u got a birthday gift :)

And, the b/w pictures are fantastic!

Nalini Kumar said...

Sort of :)

Had to get rid of the pictures... Time to bring in new ones!