Wednesday, February 11, 2009

With Love(oops!), Respect, to Mr. Muthalik

With all due love/affection/consideration (or just add any other word you might(not) sound offensive to you), I have a few things I wanted to tell you.

A lot has been said about you and your men after the Mangalore incident. I do not like this. It is obvious that you are unable to understand the true meaning of a Hindu and an Indian. It is obvious you are jealous of Amitabh Bacchan for hogging the limelight. Why should he have all the fun? If he can do a bold movie as Nishabd and stay in news, surely you are much more capable of lowering your standards (that is if you have any). I must say, you are giving him tough competition. He stopped after one debacle, but you are going strong, and with Valentine's Day approaching you are climbing the (un)popularity charts. You have become (un)popular across continents. Please, I urge you to read
my humble suggestions :

1) Why waste your talents over here? You are a great orator. Also, you are confident. Otherwise who would have said such atrocious things in public, even as the entire nation was watching. And these days orating skills are all that are necessary to become a President. Of course, not in India Sirji. Why not try your hand at it? Unlike Advani ji, you won't have to run your own campaign. Your Rama Sene people will do it for you.

2) Have you thought about acting, maybe part-time? If our Bollywood actors can become MPs
and hardly attend Parliament sessions, why can't our public figures become actors? After all you have a fan following bigger than Raj Babbar's and can put up quite a show.

3) Try your hand at writing. Maybe what is difficult to understand from your actions will be easier to understand through your words. You seem to be an authority when it comes to understanding Hindu religion. Let others benefit from your wisdom and knowledge. If Chetan Bhagat can sell his books filled with sh*$ , I am sure you will find a market for your work too.

4) Lastly, if you don't like any of the above, think about Parliament. Announce your candidature for Lok Sabha. A lot of criminals do.Every election . Even if no one wants you as their representative, I guess your boys will make sure you win. They will beat up every voter if he/she doesn't vote for you. No need to waste time and money. Beat up some government ministers and ask the government to make you an honorary member. Move a Bill in the Parliament. But yes, there you might find some problems. Not many of your fellow Parliamentarians will have the guts to support you on that. The Bill will be rejected. Never mind. You are not easily ashamed. So you fight. Move the bill again. Try harder. If the spineless gits in the Lower House agree with you this time, or you make them (of, course by beating them), you might stop westernization of our eastern civilization. Though you should be vary of the likes of Mallya who will be lobbying your fellow MPs. Their profits will be at stake after all!

I will pray to god for your sound mental health. I guess physical health and hygiene will be taken care of by endless supply of Pink chaddis you will be getting as gifts.

With love(oops!) Respect
A 20 something girl from Bangalore

As a single 20 something girl living in Bangalore I am forever scared of what I might face next. Staying away from home, I am working hard, and where I go to chill out or unwind is no one else's business. Last of all Mr. Muthalik. After a hard week, I feel the need to relax. I do not particularly like the family dramas and mindless comedies telecast on TV. I read before going to bed. So generally, during other times, I prefer sitting and having discussions with my friends. At dinner time we go out to eat. Well, we can't really talk can we? For starters, it is not good manners to talk with food in your mouth. Who knows hooligans of Rama Sene might come and bash me up for that. Secondly, the restaurant guys get pissed of if you sit there too long on a busy evening. For a country of a billion people we have surprisingly less number of eateries. So, now what do we do? Where do we sit and talk? The parks are too crowded and too cold in the night. Hey, I don't mind a drink and some nice music, so I move on to a pub.

Saari is the most gorgeous attire but I wear western clothes because I feel comfortable. I love lassi but I like Cola. I have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S ten times, but I don't like watching Indian TV soaps. The reason is simple, the first one makes for a good laugh and has friendship as its backbone. Whereas, Indian TV soaps have bitching and spite as its theme. Who the hell are you to tell me what to do or not? Will you enter my living room and force me to watch these soaps?? How many people will you police and how many things will you stop?

If you so love your country, you should have started a campaign. I would have been the first one to support you. Generate a feeling of pride for our nation and not hatred for others. One line in Hindi spoken by some unknown aristocrat in some distant country makes you proud. जब बाहर वाले योग को अपनाते हैं तो आप फूले नहीं समाते हो| It is no more a part of their culture than Valentine's Day is of our culture. But, what is wrong if two people want to celebrate their love? Do they have to be married to do that? They love each other and by sitting together if they are showing it, so be it! They are merely showing you what exists there. If you don't like it, don't look at it. But NO ONE has given you the right to tell anyone what to do, let alone beat up women. And please show me our hindu literature which says that beating up women is justified and a part of our culture. It was a shameful act which reflects badly on our Indian culture and ethics. I would love to have a debate with the man who has the guts to bash up a group of women, for WHATEVER reason, and then shamelessly defend it!

मदिरा तब भी थी, मदिरा आज भी है| If you are so against it, lobby the ruling party to ban liquor.

Because you know what Mr. Muthalik, according to you , you have ethics but these pub going women don't. And they are proving it by this pub bharo and pink chaddi campaign. The latter is a very disgusting form of protest. But I guess when the center and state government sit quietly and watch women being harassed, these loose women have to fight for themselves. My guess is they will droop down to your level to teach you a lesson. वो क्या है ना, लातों के भूत बातों से नही मानते|

For you reference Mr। Muthalik:
--> I am an Indian
--> I am a proud Hindu
--> I don't drink
--> I don't smoke
--> I respect my fellow countrymen and women


Avinash said...

too good!!! aggression full with sarcasm and taunts....well framed....we should hope smehow the hero of the story ends up with a heroine just like him and we will see then how their life progress...and who knws their offsprings turn out to be a Legen.......wait for it.....dary figure in/of "Indian Culture"

Rajesh said...

@NAL'I'n'I'-please change ur name ..i mean i have to change the caps lock button a 1000 times :P u seem to have taken it too serious ..beware sena men may just come to ur PG !!:P...waise my (expert) comments :

1)Only amitabh doesnt hog limelight ..forgot about Rajni Sir in Sivaji "The Boss " and Mithunda in "Tadipar"..please acknowledge them also

2)Jiah khan looked hot in Nishabd ..u cud have added a comment about that .!How about one of her pics ??

3)U didnt tell in detail about the pink chaddi campaign getting collections across continents me Muthalik can buy Satyam by selling those pink chaddis ..

4)Could you please gimme the address of Mr.Muthalik's postal address ??:P..a lot of ppl from across the border and world over want to contribute !

BTW :ppl here is my blog (

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@Rajesh: When you are commenting on my blog you don't really have to type my name :P

And regarding the pics, you can put pics of Jia Khan, Minissha Lamba and whoever else you like on your blog. I am not interested in any of them ;)

I have given a link to the article so you can go and check the whole article :)

As for the address >> check out
Though why are people from across the border contacting you is beyond me

Boxer said...


Tanaya said...

spineless ppl like his excellency Mr. M can just give fiery speeches and beat up girls... these so called "preservers" of "Indian" culture can never do anything constructive for the culture they proclaim to protect... coz they themselves dont know what "Indian" culture is... such ppl r d biggest losers in life!!

awesomeeeeee post... loved every bit of it... way to go nallu :-*

Danny said...

are u really working hard in ps?? i can't believe it!!

Rajesh said...

I think danny is correct !!:P

Sahaj kadhi said...

@ Rajesh
LOL! - what is 'address of postal address?'

KK said...

apart from the opening lines (where u mention this guy's parents, which was a bit unnecessary i feel), an excellent post.. no one has the right to dictate the terms of others' lives.

i'd just like to add that, why do we need February the Fourteenth to celebrate love? (and, NEVER do we find any other form of love than couples' love on this day which is PATHETIC!) i am pretty much against the V day as such, ditto with Mothers' day and Fathers' day. i dont think we should follow the Western culture in this regard at least..

also, PJ is God *BOWS* LOL @ above

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@ shashank, tanaya and kk... thanks guys...will try and do better :)
@ danny: i never said i was working hard :P
@ rajesh: u don't have to agree with others all the time to make them comment on your blog :P stop buttering danny :P
@ kk: i agree with u...even i don't support the 'days'... but i don't mind it if others want to celebrate it... maybe we don't need a specified day to say we love and care for someone, but others do

Rajesh said...

@NAL'I'n'I'-Thr is no buttering at all ...the comment was something spontaneous and true !!!......
@Sahaj : That was an error ..sorry ..didnt proof read the comment :P

KK said...

@ rajesh: u don't have to agree with others all the time to make them comment on your blog :P stop buttering danny :P

that was even more LOL than PJ's comment... anyways.. i'm sure Bhasin will take it in good spirit.. Bhasin one of the MOST chillax guys i know! hai na? remember the whistling and dancing in the Audi 10s of times!!

yoyo Bhasin \m/

and OMG it took me quite a while to fig out WHO is the Shashank Nallu is referring to... ultimately realised.. its sadda Boxer bhai@ST Noida!

wazza ppl!! Waves mein aa rahe ho na???

(guess nothing more powerful than a blog/blog's comments to get ur msg across on the web REAL quick!)

Rajesh said...

@KK ...ob it is in good spirit man !!! ...bas i just hope Nalini doesnt kill us for making this a two way discussion on her blog ...waise ob i miss the dance and the whistling coming for waves ..see u thr !

KK said...

i'm sure nallu wont kill me.. dunno abt u though.. tu toh usske sath hai PS mein.. hope u have enough Body Guards.. maybe even a "Z" security :P

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@KK and Rajesh: I don't mind you guys chatting as long as you keep it clean
And as I have said so many times before, I am a very calm and non-violent fact, embodiment of all Gandhian principles; a saint... so don't put such charges of aggression and violence on me O:)

KK said...

as i said.. u can fool the whole world! but nope, not me though.. :P

KK said...

approval now huh? :-/ whats the matter?? koi galati ho gayi?? :'(

Rajesh said...

Ya !! I agree with KK ..:P:P

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@KK: whatever you say I still maintain I love Peace... i will whatever doubts you have when we meet :D
@rajesh: which statement do you agree with? that i wont kill KK, but u need to lookout OR that I can fool the world the world(which includes you) and not KK ...u seem a little confused :P

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@ KK : I will remove whatever doubts ... sry for the error :)

KK said...

hope u dont erase the reason for the doubts..

(meaning, hope u dont kill me!)

btw.. all the people who're reading this, please tell me what duration will u be in Goa for Waves... :)

KK said...

and Bhasin... nalini se bach ke rahiyo.. and trust me on this.. :D

ab to main gaya! :P

Vidya said...

this mr.muthalik has the saddest life
i wonder if he's the same with his wife
wonder when his time'll to take the center stage
where he'll face plenty of bruises, colourful language
or the worse case, the wrath of a knife

ps-very nice post, very well written

pps- sorry abt the limerick :P

ppps- looks like u are pretty jobless in ur ps :-\

Vidya said...

time'll come*

KK said...



:D wazza!!

KK said...

and gizmo, u cld hv used my idea...


for ps,pps,ppps


KK said...

bhasin.. very bad... ladkiyon ko tang karna achhi baat nahi :P