Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Billion Beauty Queens

Do they have the right to bomb any place they like on Earth? Certainly not...but who will stop them?

Like so many of you even I am against war, or any other heinous crime against the human race. But, war is a reality that we tend to forget. It is struggle for survival, rooted in the human rage, jealousy and violence. A peek into the history of Earth can substantiate my statement. Since ancient times we have been fighting for varied causes. Wars for independence, for food, lands plundered and destroyed for colonization and sheer show of power. Truth is - violence is a drug, and it is difficult to get rid of the addiction.

For some weird reason man has as urge to control. Not his own life, but that of others. Self control doesn't seem to manifest power. The might of mightiest is in annexing and capturing others, the losses that entail are hardly ever considered. He who was once opressed fights against his suppressors and frees himself. He spends some time fixing his life. Before he is able to do so, he realizes that he needs a hundred things to improve his condition, not all of which are available that easily. So what does he do now? Drop the thought of having his wish fulfilled? Should he think of something new that might be more readily available? Wait, there is one more option, that tiny thing out there, was boasting about it the other day. Amazing! His purpose is served. He enters the house forcefully, beats and kills those standing in his way and with his pillage returns back home with a happy smile. I guess the logic behind declaring a war is simple: in order for you to survive you need to make sure the predator doesn't wander near you . Thus, the prey turns predator. As I said, the losses that entail are not in consideration here.

We all know that there is no end to our wishes and desires. As a result, I don't see an end to this activity of war. Led by a few beautiful, beauty pageant contestants, a billion people shout " I want WORLD PEACE" even as we are on the brink of another War. If only the leaders of the world were a part of these billion. Sigh!


Rajesh said...

1)All of a sudden such a post on war ??..i mean there were more appealing topics thn this to write about ...
2)which war are you talking about in the last line ?"even as we are on the brink of another War"?

KK said...
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KK said...

Yes, the human race is definitely possessed, as u say.. Possessed by the thought of dominating others.. The best example I feel, are school kids.. Even if 5 years old.. They sure DO gang up and bully a poor soul.. All these Wars are but just extrapolations of this, very natural might I add, human trait..

And, as they say, a certain Darwin in particular, Survival of the Fittest , so I guess the "oppressed" have to suffer, and who's to blame here? Not the sufferers, and certainly not the "colonial" powers.. That was the time. The late middle and modern (medieval) periods of history... when Europeans toyed with the world, abusing the differences among people to the best-possible extent imaginable.. And I for one don't blame them.. "One is only as weak as he/she lets someone else treat him/her as one..."

(well.. don’t know if there's such a saying.. can't conjure it at the moment. if someone remembers, feel free to correct me.. I’ve coined the above line using my own non-functional brain!)

And yes.. As is said, Violence is an Addiction trust me, VERY true! Hai na nallu?? LOL

P.S.-reading the title, I thot it'd be about those wannabies, the models who never are so "model" etc etc... and for SURE there aren't a billion of them! that'd mean there's as many as 1 billion babes (which is so close to the population of India!) and that is NOT true.. ask ANY guy out there...

P.S.2-the same could be said about guys.. Aint I right, girls?

deleted my previous post, to edit the post, in particular to Italicize things! :D

Abhishek Kumar said...

Its human nature.
Everyone wants more happiness, more materials, more products, more joy, more money, more success, more of everything.
But often interests of people overlap between others and you cannot have more of everything without compromising something.
If you can fight and take what is not rightfully yours, you have a means to get more of whatever you want. That is why Power is often called the "ability to get what you want". And frankly, who besides pure saints don't want anything in life (and I doubt the saints too)? Fights and violence are an obvious and necessary byproduct of desire.
Nice views and a good blog to discover. keep bloggin

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@Rajesh: I had started writing this around 2-3 weeks back while talks of a war against Pakistan and bombings by Israel were still in news... Plus, I don't really think the post is related to any particular timing.

As for other appealing topics, let me know some... will try to write something :)

@KK: Good to know ppl have similar views... I was kinda skeptical when I wrote this. And what do u mean "hai na nallu?' ...I am the most peace loving person on this Earth :)
and I agree with your P.S.2... though you didn't say what you thought of the title...i will assume you simply loved it!!

@Abhishek: Thank you! Thank you! With PS2 going on blogging is a good way of spending time

KK said...

@ ^^^^

I am the most peace loving person on this Earth

umm.. u can fool the whole world, but not me! no one else was "lucky" enough, u know... :P

oh.. ya i didnt write my thoughts on the blog post's title.. it was "misleading", to be very frank, but yes, an interesting one! and yes, u can assume it is good! :)

Tanaya said...

the earlier blog layout was much better... why did u change it? :-/

NAL'I'n'I' said...

got bored yaar... u want me to go back to the old one kya?? will do it when i post next :)

Tanaya said...

yoyo... way better now :)
this layout also goes well wid d pics u have uploaded of ur garden.

nivedita said...

well,as said by Gandhiji,"thr is enough for every man's need but not enough for even one man's greed"...
We simply dont want to accept that self control is the best thing to do n try to control others 'cooz thats easiest thing to do................

Nice post BTW.

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@nivedita: thanks :) and yes self control is the answer(if at all there is an answer)