Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big Shift - from Delhi to Bangalore

2:00 a.m - 11/12/08 : yoyoyoyo... I got HP Labs!

2:15 a.m. - 11/12/08: Shit! I got HP Labs!

This change in my feelings was because most of my friends were not going to be in Bangalore with me for PS2. In fact, most were going to be at their homes... and I was beating myself up for not filling Delhi PS stations higher up in my list... i mean Commonwealth Games Village was giving 17k plus I could have stayed at home!!

Anyways, there was nothing to be done and I could still rejoice about the fact that I got one of the good PS stations. So here I am, sitting on my comp, and unlike many others I can access any and everything. Last week was very hectic though. After finshing my search for a PG acco and getting settled in this new city, I had to go to Hyderabad for my FMS exam (screwed up bigtime)... Well, I was damn excited about going... my first overnight bus journey, alone, and the prospect of meeting my dad and my friends... life was good. The exam was horrible, but then I guess that is what exams are for -performing badly(at least for me, not everyone can perform well). And the best thing in the entire week happened on my way back from Hyd. I was sitting in the comfortable volvo seat, half asleep, when the driver turned on the radio. I guess it was around 8:30 and I was already sleepy. But then this FM station started playing some nice hindi songs. I was enjoying the music; a staple in Delhi, I had heard a hindi movie song after almost a week. As Dil Kya Kare from Salaam-e-Ishq finished, the RJ, in his sweet and smooth voice, announced next he was going to play Desi Girl from Dostana... Well, I really like the peppy dance number and came out of my drowsy state to enjoy the music... Next second, some unfamiliar music starts, I sat up straight in my seat out of amazement. This was no Desi Girl. And then I saw... heard... the driver had switched off the radio and turned on the TV, and he had put on some Telugu movie! At least my three years in campus had made it possible for me to make out that it was a telugu movie, I could recognise a few words here and there...

The best part, while I was listening to Bollywood songs on FM, everyone else in the bus was asleep. As soon as the movie started, all my fellow passengers sat up to enjoy the movie :) while I went off to sleep.

On wednesday, I saw the original version of Gajini, in Tamil, at Dominoes. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you, I havent seen the hindi version yet... six more months here... wonder what they will show me


Danny said...

wait till u see movies in the local buses of blore.. u will get a real feel of the city then..

Rohit said...

I loved blore. Particularly the buses with the loud Tamil/Telugu/Kannad music. Sorta reminded me of Goa :-) Packed bus, rattling windows, sweaty armpits, puda chal - wow! I loooove Goa!

Oh, yeah, 'Dominoes' is wrong; 'Dominos' is more acceptable, however, it would be best if you use "Domino's"


NAL'I'n'I' said...

@rohit: i dont really miss the buses, they were so tiny and smelly(which u seem to like!!)

and ya thanks for correcting... i see old habits die hard