Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wish to Live or Live to Wish

You don't need a crystal ball to look in to your future... future is now...and now is present...make sure you live the present or else you'll regret it

Most of us are so busy planning for future that we forget to live the present... and when this carefully planned 'future' arrives in the form of 'today', we forget to enjoy it. In what has become our routine, we crib about what we are missing out on (well I do that too often!) and tend to ignore the joys surrounding us.

Take time out to catch up with an old friend U have been promising to call for some time now. Don't just run to them when U need them. Sit and watch the beautiful sky turn blue to pink and then red. Marvel at the brilliance of the stars, this universe- in which U are a speck of dust. Laugh so hard your sides ache, tears roll down your cheeks, your stomach hurts and people think U are crazy...
I realized how much energy and time I was wasting 'looking' and 'hoping' for something better... I have a lot more than I usually acknowledge... and I want to learn to enjoy ALL of it. If U already live for present... U are my idol. U have a lot and whatever comes U'r way you'll only enjoy it. But, if U live only in the hope of future... I suggest U do some thinking and learning too.

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prats said...

exactly..d ultimate goal is to b happy and that can only happen if u njoy each and every moment passing taking out time fr small thngs that brng immense pleasure is a must even if u wanna run in the rat race else frustration and stagnation is sure to creep in..