Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hairy Scary Monster

As the first week of December approaches, the campus becomes scary. There is an eerie silence in the air. All the lights in the rooms are switched on - all day and night long, and the library is full to its capacity. Students do not dare to even, turn their gaze away. Not a single person steps outside the hostel. Some even forget what hunger is, skipping their meals. Every soul in the campus lives in constant fear. Often, even, the sun hides behind the clouds at this time of the year. With this, the air becomes cooler and the campus feels like heaven. But with the gigantic monster lurking just around the corner, ready to pounce, no one can really enjoy the beautiful skies. All pray with bowed head to get rid of the beast and for their own survival.

I used to be one of the scared lot. At least have been for past three years. But, no more. Now, I am free as a bird. The cause of my happiness and this feeling of freedom is that I have no compres to write. For the uninitiated non-BITSians, comprehensive examinations(compres) are the once a semester torturous exam we are supposed to write. The syllabus is huge and many a times the exam schedule doesn't really help help our cases. Basically, the efforts required are humanly impossible. Proof for this is the once-noisy-n-lively-now-silent campus. And you have to see the campus to feel the change in atmosphere.

Anyways, I am in high spirits and quite frankly jobless which is evident from the fact that I am blogging at this time of the year. Meanwhile, all that I can say to my collegemates is - ALL THE BEST

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