Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I changed the 'I' to 'Y' for my convenience...

Whole world has been watching and following the US Presidential Election will a lot of interest. There has been much speculation, even about the final leg of the race, though I still don't understand why? Bush, with his hugely unpopular policies, had made sure the Democrats start ahead of the Republicans. Even as John McCain tried hard to salvage some of the Republican reputation(and votes), the Democrats could be seen rushing ahead in the polls (the ones where they were pitted as equals were obviously sham). But Mr.J, in his 72 long years, has definitely learnt his lessons in politics. He pulled out his own ace(or rather something the democrats had rejected) in the form of Sarah Palin. This after he had seen Clinton's popularity with the public, never mind the fact that she went down against Obama. Many condemned the act as a cheap stunt to influence the public who wanted a Woman instead of an African American. Even to J it was evident that his ammunition needed to be good, if he wanted to ruffle a few feathers in the oppositions camp. The desperation in his actions was obvious and fathomable. He was like an Ol' Captain on a moth eaten weather beaten wooden ship, trying to do his best against the storms of change, knowing all along the end was near and inevitable. And to no ones surprise, he sank. Whether he took the ship or it took him doesn't matter. His character is dead, no more lines left for him to deliver. Its a clean slate his opponent is free to write the way he wants.

Yes, the interest generated during 'The Big Fight' between Clinton and Obama (Barack) was understandable. When it came to choosing between B and C, the question wasn't the need for change. The problem was to decide between a Clinton/Woman or an African American to be placed at the White House. Both held promise for the future. Election of either to the Oval Office would have been a historical moment for USA. Daggers drawn, the two fought till the very end. Only one could have appeared victorious in the end, and B did. Still, people expected C to stay in the picture, draw blood, make snide comments or something like that. But in a well rehearsed political drama, the enmity between the two camps seemed to pave way for the common cause of Americans (Democrats?). B chose Joe Biden as his running mate, even as C was fielding questions from the media about the same in her characteristic not so diplomatic 'diplomatic' way. Biden gave B the only thing he lacked in the campaign, experience in foreign affairs. C was out of the race, out of the scene. The race was almost over for B, just the last mile left... He could smell victory, but was waiting to taste it. J wanted to make things difficult for him. He wanted to put create some hurdles in B's path hoping to make him trip and fall, or at least falter. In that case J would have had an outside chance. He could have appealed to the faithful Americans, one last plea for votes in the hope of a win. But sadly (for him)... as I said his part is over. One more crucial character, the real life villian, the Big B(ush), is out too. He is like an annoying old haggler who has been thrown out of the play, his time is over.

The race is over. The results are out. And we all know it. 'Change has Arrived', as both blacks and whites are celebrating the victory of the senator from Illinois. The democrats are reveling in the glory that has come with this win.

(almost a Hollywood movie script!)

Obama is definitely a man, the way he has conducted himself throughout the campaign. But is he the 'right' man? Will the democrats become complacent with majority in both the houses? Is this a change for the better? for USA? for Iraq? for India? for Pakistan? Only time will tell if Americans made the right choice today, but for now the Americans are rejoicing and the entire world is looking forward to waking up to a better tomorrow. For now Obama does seem to be the man


Danny said...

hmm gud work.. n i liked d tags 2 d post!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

I think people are expecting too much from Obama. There's only so much a president can do, never mind the fact that he's the most powerful person on earth. The self inflicted wounds of the US economy will take some time to heal, as will the two wars that have been thrust upon the world, and not even Barack Obama is superhuman enough to clean up all the mess left behind by his predecessor in the coming year. He is inspirational though, and that will go some way in aiding the monumental task.
The bright side for India - Minimum interference in Kashmir