Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its too much

It has really become too much. No I am not talking about CAT prep or apping for MS(even though it is a LOT of work)... its the heat in Goa that has inspired me to write this post...its killing me!!

They say, its the hottest October in Goa, and believe me it feels like the hottest October anywhere, anytime on this earth. Sweat is dripping from my forehead as i write this (this is the most useless thing ever but I need to do something besides cat and apping), sitting in the 'centrally air-conditioned' library. I guess they have 'forgotten' to turn on the AC... no not just today, this whole semester (year??)...or else, instead of 22 they have set the temp as 32...I can only make vague guesses...weird things do happen in this place...classrooms are freezing cold when not required (i gave the compres wearing a sweatshirt) and then the killer heat (its a new, kinda slower, smarter(?) way of execution). If all this doesnt work our beloved 'doggie' is just a call away, forever ready to get rid of us...(ya u got that right)

but we wont go down without a fight... so what if we have cat coming up, or a many of us are apping, and these high tempeatures are only making things harder... we will sweat it out till the end (quite literally) :)


Tanaya said...

yoyoyo dats d spirit... lagi raho nallu!!

daniel said...

i think u shud spend ur days lazing on the beach!! after all dats wat 4th yr is for!! its like retired life!!

Anonymous said...

you know college is really not for studying - it is for getting an education.
Am glad you had a great time at college