Friday, May 23, 2008

Phew!! Its been a while...

Last time i blogged was three years ago, before I joined college. My laziness and slow net speed managed to keep me away this long. The reason I start now is simple, its holiday time and i am bored. Why I created a new blog? Well, the reason for that ,again, is simple- my previous blogs were 'immature grumblings of a student frustrated with preparation for iit-jee, on a SMASHING new medium'. Its better if you dont get to know that 'me'.
I plan to post utter nonsense (yes, this time too) and some sensible matter (I would like to think that some of my writing is OK). Though my plans dont generally work out. In case you decide to read my blog and it turns out to be too serious for you, I sincerely apologise!
In such a situation and even otherwise post your comments!

1 comment:

Danny Dude said...

u shud hv continued wid d old blog.. v cud hv seen how ur mentality has chnaged over d yrs..