Friday, May 23, 2008

Its a government office after all

I had a tiring day at the passport office today. Standing idle in a queue that was inching forward, I was day dreaming. After an hour or so I got to know that I had been standing in the wrong line. (Its not my fault, there were no signboards around). Lack of information and efficiency in government offices is saddening. Ya, ya I know this is a pet theme for most blogs. I was stuck in there with millions (it seemed like millions) of weirdos around me. This guy standing next to me was stinking so bad Icould have pucked. There was no power for two hours and the comps had stopped working. You see the forms are 'machine readable', so all came to a stop. So much for the technology! I had had a lousy breakfast (well, I had dreamt of going to CCD) and now there was both thunder and lightning in my stomach. Adding to my list of sorrows was a baby in front of me. Kids are supposed to be cute, but this one was wailing so loud, he appeared anything but CUTE and seemed like a little demon deriving sadistic pleasure in punishing us for GOD knows WHAT!!
Just as I started feeling it was a cosmic conspiracy, the sad story turned gay (think straight!) when the power came back. I was so happy that I could have kissed even the corpulent man standing behind me. Work done, stomach full(I did manage to go to CCD after all) I returned home. A happy ending!!


Vidya said...

i didnt know you blogged! nice, keep blogging, am extremely lazy to do so, i just like to read :P but i do post once in a while
lol nice post this one, guess everyone gets so damn irritated at the passport office. well at least i did, got my passport after 9 loooong months! :-\

Prakhar Prakash said... experience was worse last year around this time....

I almost got me creeps even today :P

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...

now this is how man brain wrks: lesson learnt--when a good lookin girl is standin nxt to u---try switchin on the light!!!...awez wanted more blogs to keep a track of...keep writin!