Monday, June 2, 2008

ninety is the new eighty

This last week has been a shocker. Five kids(they hate it when I call them kids!) in my family gave 10th board exams and man you should see their scores. Ninety definitely is the new eighty. I have seen people score a whooping 96.8 and cry. What for?, I asked. The answer I got was "I didn't top in my school". In case of a particular school topper- "I scored 100 in science but not in maths". In most cases, a simple "It is not upto my expectations", was cited as the reason for sulking.
I am unable to understand what these peolple want. Everyone wants 100, and in every subject. There is little happiness. I was jumping up and down on scoring a ninety and they are sitting brooding about trivial issues. Unravelling their minds and understanding their psycology is difficult, at least for me. But everytime I have heard the discussion of board marks, I have felt this urge to stop these 'young people' and tell them that all of them aspire and not all can be 'board toppers'. But I have stopped myself on every such occasion, maybe, because I want them to fight with the same zeal. This hunger seems to be getting them the rewards (rewards according to me), at least!


Danny Dude said...

once dey join bits.. 50 will be the new 90!!!

NAL'I'n'I' said...

guess so...but that is something my dad shud be saying, not me...makes me feel old

KK said...

wow so many comments... here's one more :P

btw yeah totally agree..90+ means nothing these days, unless it is a good 97-98%
umm wat else to write... ;)