Thursday, April 2, 2009

My To-Do List

1) Get down to washing clothes. Every two-three weeks when my wardrobe has more dirty clothes than clean ones, I realize the big number I own. And still I feel they are so less!

2) Call my cousins. I was supposed to stay with them in Bangalore during PS, but decided in favour of staying with friends. But they had offered, and they are family. So, I guess its high time I visited them or at least gave a call.

3) Finish the book I have been reading for more than a month now. A million little pieces by James Frey. I am just too tired after sitting in front of the computer whole day to read upon reaching home. But I have to take some time out!

4) Call up some old friends. The short break in winters didn't give me time enough to meet them. And since I have come to Bangalore...well!! This place is costly. I haven't yet received my first stipend. I have a big ego- don't like asking my parents for a lot of money. I spend a lot. These four facts must have made you realize the cash crunch I am facing. So well, haven't called them for quite sometime now.

5) OK. This one is a not 'to do'. STOP EATING JUNK FOOD.

6) Get some exercise. Midsem report, seminar, interviews, a lot of laziness has kept me from it. And I have to still work on the 5th point above. So basically, I have to avoid bloating up.

7) Watch Notting Hill for the nth time. (I just love Hugh Grant)

8) Complete the drafts waiting to be finished and posted on the blogger.

9) Download some nice music... been a long time since I listened to something good and fresh. Right now just can't get enough of old hindi film music. Am stuck.

10) Wish Ramya on her birthday - need to keep this in my head - big day is tomorrow. :)

PS: Don't ask me the reason for posting my to-do list on my blog


Deepak Pareek said...

11) Avoid writing PS Diary for a few days (that'll be the most thrilling, given Prof. drops in.... and drops u dead).

NAL'I'n'I' said...

ya ya ...very sane advice... it took so much to make him calm down, if I do this now...even god doesn't know what will be the consequences!!

Tanaya said...

nice one. reminds me to make my own 'to-do' list... have got so many things pending for a long time now!!

nivedita said...

girl, put this on ur mirror, might be more helpful......................:)

Danny said...

not bad.. 10 things-to-do is quite less! for exercise take 2 cycling! :D
to stop junk food, stop drinking jumpin!