Wednesday, April 15, 2009


AMU - Aligarh

Taj Mahal- Agra

Prayag / Allahabad

Tea Gardens - Jorhat

Thats Tura!!

Bihu - Gauhati

Hawa Mahal - Pink City

Centerstage Mall - Noida

Delhi Metro

Bahai Mandir (Lotus Temple) - Delhi

Sé Cathedral at Goa Velha

Mormugao - Vasco

Brigade Road - Bangalore

I had a chance to experience these places in the last 20 years... all thanks to my dad's transferable job and his daughter's education :)

P.S. Without Google this post would not have been possible. I have borrowed these pics from various sources and I am in no way taking credit for these or trying to generate profits.


Rajesh said...

But why such a post all of a sudden ??U still have some 2-3 months left before u leave for the sun -kissed beaches of Florida!!!:)

NAL'I'n'I' said...

I know... aaj acceptance letter mail kiya na... so was in a 'missing those days and gonna miss this place' mood :)

and blogging helps!

KK said...

yoyo bhasin _/\_

Punky said...

lol. i was gonna take a bow, coz i thought u (or ur cam) clicked all of those! ;)

Purnoor said...

For a moment I thought you were advertising "NDTV 7 wonders of India"!

Boxer said...

yoyo..srsly You made me remember the good ol' days..Thats one of the best parts of a transferable job..going to new places, new schools and new friends...

and yaa..Summer holidays mein nana-nani and dada-dadi ke ghar aana.. BESTEST of them all :D

Rajesh said...

@KK:Thanks :)

NAL'I'n'I' said...

@ punky: wait for sometime... u r gonna see better pics from my new cam(of course taken by me) \m/

and hopefully of the sun-kissed beaches of Florida :)

@ puri: shats!! idea didn't strike me earlier.. could have made some money

@ boxer: yup nana-nani and dada-dadi were the best...used to wait for summer holidays eagerly!! :)