Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Wondering...

पल मिलते हैं साथ
-साथ चलते हैं
जब मोड़ आये
तो बचके निकलते हैं
कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे...

यहाँ सभी अपनी ही धुन में दीवाने हैं
वोही जो अपना दिल ठीक माने है|
कौन किसको पूछे? कौन किसको बोले?
सबके लबों पर अपने तराने हैं|
ले जाए नसीब किसको कहाँ पे
कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे...

खाबों की ये दुनिया है खाबों में ही रहना है
राहें ले जायें जहाँ संग- संग चलना है|
वक्त ने हमेशा यहाँ नए खेल खेले
कुछ भी हो जाए यहाँ बस खुश रहना है|
मंजिल लगे करीब सबको यहाँ पे
कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे...

This song was written by Sandeep Nath and Ajay Jhingran for Madhur Bhandarkar's movie Page 3. Lata Mangeshkar's rendering of the song strikes a cord. But I wonder about the veracity of these lines. Sometimes they appear as the rantings of a cynic and sometimes true. I have not been to make up my mind though...


Tanaya said...

i might sound like a cynic... but these lines are quite true... u can never generalize relationships... u can never be sure which way a relationship will go (by relationship, i mean any relationship... whether b/w frnds, couples and so on)... things might seem all good one day, and d next day u wont even be able to understand what went wrong... i guess the best thing to do is in d 3rd last line of d song... to be happy in the present and never stop to move on with life.

KK said...

exactly.. i was gonna write the same things.. now i can just say "i second tanaya's thoughts"


Psycho Surd said...

Its been YEARS since I read proper Hindi. (And I have been educated in Kerala!) How 'bout a short translation for the goras like us?