Friday, December 26, 2008

Saadi Dilli

Life, for me, is a blur right now. You see, my eyesight had deteriorated and I had some eye allergy so I went to the doctor in the hope of relief. He took me off my contact lenses for a month and I have been surviving on some old glasses I had. The doctor refuses to check my vision before I get some other tests done. So, I am living with a foggy vision. Total bulls*^t . I am telling you, those of you who have perfect vision are lucky souls. NO care for glasses and lenses. You can go out in the rain, without any concern. You have not experienced vapor condensing on your lenses just as u are about to take a sip of your hot coffee. No sitting in the front row in the classroom just because you broke your glasses last night during a b'day bash. Importantly. no visit to the opthalmologist...

Ok, enough of cribbing. That is not what this post is about. So, of course I cant drive to the doctors with this poor vision. Even mom is fed up with the thrice-in-a-week visit to my eye specialist... she has her own work too... so, just this once, she suggested I take the bus... the famous DTC bus ride at 9 in the morning... Well, there isnt much you can do sitting in the bus... out of the window, think, look out, wonder, look out, ponder, look out and smile... that bus rid etriggered this blog... There are some things which I simply love about Delhi. They make Delhi what it is. They make us Delhites what we are. Some of these quintessentials:

  • All DTC bus drivers wear their seat belts. At least that is what anyone on the outside would think. In reality, the belt has been stretched out of use and is just strewn across the shoulder of the driver to fool the traffic policeman. What is commendable here is the effort that the driver puts in to fool the policeman, and the innocense displayed by the latter.
  • Another thing I have noticed in my many bus rides is the difference in the behaviour of DTC and Blueline conductors. A DTC conductor wont move his ass to give you the ticket. It is upto you to wade through the crowd and at the end of it, hold a three rupees ticket as a trophy of your victory. On the other hand, Blueline conductor won't let you sit(or stand) peacefully. He will hound you till the end of your hour long journey, even though you bought the ticket as soon as you entered the bus. I guess it is one of the many differences that contribute to the Diversity in Delhi
  • Talking of diversity, Delhi is home to people from all parts of the country. Being the capital of the country, it attracts people from all over, and of all economic stratas. What unites the capital, though, and keeps it together is at display in all the markets in Delhi. Bargaining is almost like the second nature of Delhites. It is an undescribable experience to see a women decked in lakhs worth of jewellery haggle with a shopkeeper for ten bucks. Again a lesson for all- ones and twos can make lakhs. After all that is the secret behind the wealth of the aunties.
  • One obsession shared by all Delhites - their health. Everyone, from 9 to 90 years old is obsessed with their health (or rather figure ;)). I use the word obsess in place of consious for a reason. And this reason would be apparent if you decide to go out at 7 in the morning. Dont go out on foot, mind u, it is against the Delhi traditions. We drive ten kilometers to get to Lodhi graden, Nehru Garden or one of the many other gardens. We park our cars on the road to go in for our 15 min jog, before we drive back to our home just half an hour away. Again, it is our spirit- the pot bellied uncles and hundred kgs overweight aunties are working very hard on getting the right physique.
  • Obviously, if there are so many 'bellies' in Delhi, there is a reason for it. A true Delhite can eat ANYTHING at ANYTIME. Hot, cold , sweet, sour, salty, spicy, any damn cuisine- just bring it on! Whatever. We always have room for more food in our stomach. (I guess people who know me already have a proof :P)
Well, there is lot more to write... all in the next blog... need to go and eat ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Inspiration...

few questions, fewer answers
little victories, small defeats
ups, not without downs
today goes
in the struggle for tomorrow

some random thoughts-
concerns and musings,
can it be better? will it be?
today goes
wondering about tomorrow

a bit seems a lot
then, a lot too disappoints
sometimes, things do turn around
but, today goes
in search of an even better tomorrow.

coz it doesn't matter
whatever happens today
the search will never end
soon a new morning will come
will be doing the same, again,
day after day.

for it is, and will be -
just another day

One of my friends had asked me why I named my blog 'just another day'. This poem is the reason... I came across it, the irony and sadness struck me...and thus the blog was named...

Friday, December 5, 2008

As the curtains close

This is my last week in college. Only six days left now, before I pack my bags and leave this place forever. It has been my home for almost four years now. I remember how unenthusiastic and down in dumps I was after my lack lusture performance in IIT JEE. The depression was so deep that I wasnt ready to even look at BITS. It was a lousy second option for me. But beggars can't be choosers. I had decided not to waste another year preparing for IIT, so I came down to BITS Goa. The only exciting prospect about joining this college was its location. I just wanted to party and make up for the time I had lost while in school preparing for IIT. That is pretty much was I did in my first year. Met some really nice people, made some amazing friends and did a whole lot of masti.

The hours spent on footpath with friends, the lunches and dinners outside and in the mess, movies in the audi (or for that matter any program), brunches in the cafe after labs, walks (will always remember the one from D-Link to the campus at 9 in the night), children's park, the not-so surprising-surprise birthday parties, the scintillating blue-pink-red-orange clear skies with a few white cotton ball clouds floating in the daytime and stars in the night, the hangouts- Nescafe, Monginis and Juice Center, the corridors outside C-wing classrooms where I studied for tests, the cool breeze throughout the day, there is sooo much I am gonna miss. I know it sounds cliched but it does seem like it was yesterday when I first drove inside the campus with my dad. He was trying hard to convince me that I had come to a good place and was in good hands. I had hated him for saying that and had hated coming here, so far from home. But now, I am in love with this place. There is nothing I would want taken away from my college years. It has been a wonderful journey. This place has sheltered me for as long as it was possible. The transition into the outside world has to be made. But nothing can lessen the pain of leaving this place behind. As I think of leaving, I remember the words of a song by Ryan Cabrera

Four years later
Time goes by fast
Got my memories
And they will last
I try to keep it simple
'cause I hate goodbyes
I try to keep it simple by
Telling myself that

I… I will remember you
And all of the things that we’ve gone through
There is so much I can say
But words get in the way
So if we're not together
I will remember you
I will remember… you

We’re a picture
In my mind
When I want to find you
I just close my eyes
You’ll never be that far from me
So don’t say goodbye 'cause
You’ll never be that far from me
I’m telling myself

I… I will remember you
And all of the things that we’ve gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way
So were not together
I will remember… you

You were there when I needed a friend
Thank you thank you
I never told you how much that meant
Gotta thank you thank you

I… I will remember you
And all of the things that we’ve gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way

I… I will remember you
And all of the things that we’ve gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way
We’re not together
I will remember you
We’re not together
I will remember you

As the curtains close, and this chapter of my life life ends, I am filled with both saddness and joy. Right now the joy is lesser than the pain of saying godbye. I will remember you- is all that I can say now to this place and to my brilliant friends who've made four years in the campus memorable. I will remember you.