Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Inspiration...

few questions, fewer answers
little victories, small defeats
ups, not without downs
today goes
in the struggle for tomorrow

some random thoughts-
concerns and musings,
can it be better? will it be?
today goes
wondering about tomorrow

a bit seems a lot
then, a lot too disappoints
sometimes, things do turn around
but, today goes
in search of an even better tomorrow.

coz it doesn't matter
whatever happens today
the search will never end
soon a new morning will come
will be doing the same, again,
day after day.

for it is, and will be -
just another day

One of my friends had asked me why I named my blog 'just another day'. This poem is the reason... I came across it, the irony and sadness struck me...and thus the blog was named...

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KK said...

pata hai mere blog ka naam KK's kyun hai?? ;) btw i kinda never understand