Tuesday, August 12, 2008

of luck and fate

It is difficult to count the number of times I have been 'blessed' with something I never wanted in the first place. Big or small- things have happened in a way I never wanted them to happen. There are others who want to trade places with me, exchange my fortunes and I don't decline- just that it is not possible.
And then, what I do want, doesn't happen either. The 'blessings' aren't showered when I want. What is the point in getting something I don't want? I don't get any pleasure from it, and someone else is denied his/her happiness.
Is it bad luck as I have believed till recently? or is it a mere coincidence? or do I attract all the wrong things and repel the right ones?
I am still wondering...


KK said...

i first read it as "of f*** and late" LMAO

NAL'I'n'I' said...

yo kk! only you could have read it that way

Punky said...

i m sure u dont repel stuff!

Murphy's Law says: Things happen when you least expect them to. Its more like. We dont realize that lots of times things happen as we expected them to, and then we dont say, 'Yo, Murphy's law aint true!'

So i feel, though you will have been blessed with what you want countess number of times, you dont realize it. While the times when you wished sumtin to happen and it didnt, you will keep cursing ;)

Its a wonderful life, dont wish you would have it any other way!

Tanaya Srivastava said...

"good things happen to good ppl"... suna hai naa?!
be optimistic n stay d way u r... all ur wishes will come true sooner or later!
also, "success is the journey, not the destination"... enjoy each moment of this roller-coaster ride!
too cliched i know, but true!