Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chomp! Chomp! Gator Chomp!

A lot has happened in the past couple of months, that I wanted to write about... Most of all about this new place- Gainesville. Well, its not that new anymore. Not that exciting to write about either at the moment. Mainly because the temperature is just not going down, and I am tired of the heat.

While I wait for the temperatures to drop, a lot of work is definitely being dropped on my shoulders. A constant in my life, as I sift through research papers, write project proposals only to redo them, try and concentrate on the lectures is Starbucks coffee. It is what they call the life of a graduate student. Even with all the work its not so bad out here. For one high speed internet is a boon - you don't really feel disconnected (and away from India) till the time you see an empty seat in the bus, the cars stop for you to cross the road and you shell out dollars on Indian spices.

Second, people of Gator Nation are mad about football- that too college football! Having experienced the cricket madness in India, it not surprising to see peole worship their sportstars. What really surprises you is the fact that these stars are freshmen and sophomores, really just college going kids. Its offensive if you talk about anything else on a gameday. Oh and God save you from the wrath of gators if you say you don't know Tebow! Another thing - the team mascot- Alligator. People actually love alligators. You can find one in this stream right next to my department building!

Being a small university town, its cosy in a weird way. My home, which is hardly 10 minutes drive from the university is considered to be outskirts! People are nice and relaxed, and their biggest tension is football. Ooh and obviously the crowd... being a university town, you meet students of so many nationalities... its a great cultural experience.

Right now the only thing that needs to be said - I am enjoying this leg of the journey...